• Comprehensive training for each supervisor
  • Every employee trained on OSHA standards and requirements

EBS Solutions trains its staff using the 2 man cleaning method. It is a method which starts on the right side of a floor and works back to the left. There are 2 people who work as a team.

Trash and dust specialist:

Starts out first and removes all trash, replaces liners and dusts all surface areas.

Vacuum specialist:

Follows behind and vacuums all floor surface areas inspecting the work of the Trash and dust specialist in the process.

Using this method creates checks and balances for the team. Floor and restroom as well as floor training is provided on site.

Each of our department is supervised by a specialist who trains our cleaning technicians specifically Our Trained Specialists are:

Commercial Buildings
Jerry Wilson

Stadiums and Venues
Roberto Ayala

Mariano Garza

Jose Souza