Stadiums and Venues

Unlike an office building cleaning where prices are based on square footage; at a venue  cleaning is based on attendance. There is a formula used to calculate the number of cleaners and teams to be used for pre, post and  event clean. Outsourcing janitorial services benefits the facility manager by relieving the stress of having to maintain an adequate number of people to perform the task at hand and bringing in experts who understand what needs to take place to provide the best experience for the patron.

American Airlines Center: watch EBS‘s conversion teams at work transforming the arena from a Basketball court to a Hockey Ring!

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EBS‘s Venue Services include:

  • Suite cleaning
  • Trash collection
  • Power washing
  • Machine Scrubbing
  • Staffing
  • Common area cleaning
  • Floor and Tile Work
  • Restroom Cleaning

Stadiums & Arenas

EBS Solutions provides janitorial organization and staffing for Stadiums and Arenas. After the number of people is determined for a venue, EBS Solutions will structure the cleaning in three teams:

(Attendants) those work during the event,

(Post Staff) those who work after the event,

(Day Porters) those who work during the day.

Post Staffing will then be divided into teams (Trash Pickers, Restroom teams, Concourse Personnel, Suite Teams, Wet Teams, etc).

This method insures that the entire space is cleaned adequately and ready for the next day events.

Each venue is different and will demand a tailored made formula

to determine the needs and the staffing required.

Movie Theaters

EBS Solutions provides Day Porter services for Movie Theaters for cleaning in between showings.

Also, detail nightly cleaning involving trash restroom and wet teams to service the Theater for the next business day.

Concert venues

After the concert is over and the people leave its time for the cleaning crews to enter.

EBS Solutions cleans small to large concert facilities.

We clean both inside and outside venues.

All outside venues will be treated differently using power washing equipment for maximum effect.

This insure that the venue is cleaned properly for the next concert.